Information for Clients

In an effort to help healthcare organizations control budgetary costs related to salary and benefits, GMRP is a mechanism to meet human resource needs in a managed care environment without compromising the delivery of quality care.

By taking advantage of the services offered by GMRP, healthcare organizations are able to meet their staffing needs in a cost effective manner.  GMRP places quality staff in appropriately matched openings while saving healthcare organizations time and money compared to traditional recruiting and hiring practices.  GMRP provides the following benefits that make it the agency of choice by many clients:

  • Thorough screening processes to ensure the most qualified staff are selected and appropriately matched for vacancies.
  • Flexible alternatives for recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals who might otherwise discontinue working.
  • Greater familiarity with the healthcare organizations operations, environments, policies and procedures that results in increased quality and productivity of temporary staff.
  • Cost savings up to 30% compared to similar companies in the industry.
  • Reduces labor costs, particularly staff benefits and unemployment taxes.
  • Ability to provide a “One Stop Shop” advantage for all supplemental staffing needs.